Lighting Design Lab leadership includes seasoned veterans in the fields of business managment, lighting technology & design, education, marketing-communications, and stage construction.

Our Team

Edward Smalley

Sr. Manager
(206) 256-6162
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Irina Rasputnis, LC

Executive Director
(206) 256-6165
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Eric Strandberg, LC

Senior Lighting Specialist
(206) 256-6167
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Shaun Darragh, LC, MIES

Senior Lighting Specialist
(206) 256-6171
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Armando Berdiel Chavez, M.Eng., LC

Technical Development Manager
(206) 256-6163
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Zachary Humes

Lead Stage Tech
(206) 256-6175
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Katie Seling

Customer Experience Specialist
(206) 256-6169
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John Arthur Wilson

Stakeholder Solutions Manager
(206) 418-9195
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