Irina Rasputnis, LC

Executive Director
(206) 256-6165

Irina oversees the operational administration and strategic direction of Seattle City Light’s Lighting Design Lab, supporting technology and educational needs of utilities, the design community, and trade allies, and end-users throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Prior to joining Lighting Design Lab, Irina worked for the DesignLights Consortium as program manager and technical lead on the SSL QPL, facilitating large-scale, stakeholder-led “tugs of war” around appropriate metrics, specs, tolerances, test procedures, nomenclature… and convincingly assuring all manufacturers that their products were, indeed, innovative and unique.

Prior to DLC, Irina has played in circus bands, ridden her bike across half the country, played competitive French Scrabble in high school (placing 2nd in state), and led an otherwise unassuming life in Boston, Louisville, and Leningrad.