SpringClassesWebHeader_0.pngUnder guidance by Seattle City Light, to keep our community safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are postponing classes and temporarily closing the Lab.
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Fundamentals Series - 100-Level Classes

106 Lighting Retrofits and Audits - $30
Led by Eric Strandberg

The advent of LED lighting has caused a seismic shift in the lighting industry, creating a renewed interest in how to best upgrade the lighting in existing buildings. One of the best places to start is to do an inventory of what your current lighting system is and what its strengths and weaknesses are.

  • OVER for the spring session - SEATTLE, WA Thu, Jan 23 | 8AM - 10AM @ Lighting Design Lab

108 Promoting Energy Efficient Lighting Systems - $30
Led by Armando Berdiel-Chavez

While industry actors have made significant investments in outreach, education, and incentive programs to promote appropriate design adoption, significant barriers still exist. This class will delve into these barriers as well as provide a set of tools, techniques, to help project professionals ensure the most appropriate design highlighting quality and comfort is implemented in their projects.

  • OVER for the spring session - SEATTLE, WA Thu, Jan 23 | 10:15AM - 12:15PM @ Lighting Design Lab

Intermediate Series - 200-Level Classes

210 Power Over Ethernet - $30
Led by Armando Berdiel-Chavez

Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting provides a different beneficial approach to data generation and aggregation, energy savings, and flexibility. It is a potential centerpiece for a Smart Building Ecosystem, directly powering LED lights via DC low voltage, and connecting to new and existing components and connected systems that all provide feedback to one building dashboard. Join this class for a discussion on the PoE architecture, its install and performance benefits, applications, and its potential as a connected technology.

  • SEATTLE, WA Tue, Mar 17 | 10AM - NOON @ Lighting Design Lab

211 Exterior Lighting Best Practices & Networked Lighting Controls - $30
Led by Eric Strandberg

 As exterior lighting transitions to solid state (LED), there are many opportunities to deploy control strategies that were not possible before. We will explore the unique properties of LED luminaires, enhanced control, and data acquisition enabled by LED fixtures.

  • OVER for the spring session - SEATTLE, WA Tue, Feb 18 | 9AM - 11AM @ Lighting Design Lab

Advanced Series - 300-Level Classes

307 Networked Lighting Controls 
1-Day, Hands-On Workshop
Led by Shaun Darragh

In this one-day, hands-on workshop, you will learn industry best practices and strategies, then apply them to an example project.

  • OVER for now | Stay tuned!


308 Networked Lighting Controls - $120
2-Day, Hands-On Workshop
Led by Shaun Darragh

In this two-day, hands-on workshop, you will learn industry best practices and strategies, then apply them to an example project. Using best practices, you will apply the knowledge you gained to design demonstration systems, and install and program the controls hardware of four industry leading manufacturers.

  • OVER for the spring session - SEATTLE, WA Thu-Fri, Feb 13-14 | 8AM - 4PM both days @ Lighting Design Lab

311 Light, Human Perception, and Health - $30
Led by Shaun Darragh

This class will introduce participants to some of the primary human physiological systems that are responsible for visual performance and non-visual response to light, and how we may use light to direct perception. We will include discussion of current research into non-visual cues and how light may interact with our daily physiological rhythms. 

  • SEATTLE, WA Thu, Apr 9 | 8AM - 11:30AM @ Lighting Design Lab

312 Color Tuning & Tunable White Lighting Systems: A How-To Survival Guide - $30
Led by Shaun Darragh

Color tunable lighting systems are becoming ever more popular with clients, specifiers, and manufacturers. This class will introduce participants to a variety of control strategies for implementing color tuning systems and provide some tips and tricks to help ensure project success.  

  • SEATTLE, WA Thu, Apr 9 | 1PM - 5PM @ Lighting Design Lab