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Check out this interactive tour of Bayview Tower Apartments to learn how they upgraded old electric resistance water heaters to a commercial heat pump water heating system. CHPWH Virtual Tour

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Adjustable Speed Drives/Variable Frequency Drives Part 2
Thu, Jun 23 | 10am-noon | FREE

DAY 2 of 2. Attendees will learn about adjustable speed drives and their practical/ proven energy and efficiency applications. This course examines the evolution and application of adjustable speed drive technology, manual/automated control strategies, and the short/long term benefits on energy savings and equipment. Furthermore, this course dives deep into the electrical principles of adjustable speed drives, common issues, the value of preventative maintenance, common troubleshooting solutions, and investigates real world success stories.

LIGHTFAIR 2022 Recap  
Thu, Jul 14 | 10am-noon | FREE

Get the download on what Shaun and Armando saw and learned at this year's LIGHTFAIR International conference. 



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