The IESNA Design Guide 7-1994 reveals how lighting professionals must function simultaneously as engineers, artists, code experts, project coordinators, collaborators, administrators, advocates, and evaluators. Today, the same lighting professionals must also be well-versed in the emerging technologies that lighting is expanding into or serving as infrastructure for: IoT, smart buildings, light and health, horticultural lighting, and an endless integration potential.

That being said, is there potential to make mistakes? (That's a big YES)

Hindsight is 20/20, as people say. On September 22nd, 2020, we invite you to learn from the mistakes of three seasoned lighting professionals in a live panel-based webinar. The panelists will dissect key avoidable issues across different stages of their past lighting projects. Come ready to identify common lighting system design and implementation pitfalls through real examples, understand why and what went wrong, and more importantly, leverage strategies to proactively overcome these obstacles.  

Join moderator Armando Berdiel with panelists Shaun Darragh and Daniel Salinas for this enlightening webinar!



10:00AM - NOON
Armando Berdiel, M.Eng, LC

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