How REI saw it...

The Challenge REI, a national retailer based in the northwest, wants to implement the next generation of LED-based accent lighting to improve the visual quality of its merchandise throughout its retail stores.

The Target One of REI's objectives is to ensure a memorable in-store experience for customers, and improve the lighting of merchandise and the surrounding display space. In order to do so, they are aiming to adopt modern, high-performance accent lighting and flexible lighting zones. Another of REI's objectives is to capture cost and energy savings that align with their core practices of sustainability and stewardship.REI MOCKUP_YELLOW COAT.jpg

The Expereience Lighting Design Lab built a sectional mockup using six pairs of different accent luminaires with similar energy consumption, but with varying color rendering (CRI) and enhanced spectrum (crisp white). The team then facilitated a blind, unbiased, side-by-side viewing that allowed REI stakeholders to assess the light source and luminaire options in a modeled retail setting using identical merchandise.

Immediately following the viewing, sample luminaires were removed from the ceiling and placed on tables for closer inspection and hands-on evaluation of hardware durability, size and aesthetics.

The Stakeholders REI's chief executive officer, chief financial officer, senior manager of sustainability, and members of the REI sustainability, merchandising, finance, and maintenance teams all attended. Seattle City Light interim chief executive officer and director of customer energy solutions were also in attendance.

The Conclusion This mockup allowed the REI team to discuss both visual outcomes and technical specifications of varying lighting products. REI noted that the next step in their decision process was to develop a large-scale installation in one of their retail stores, featuring the preferred product option and a runner-up that would lead to making a final selection.