Over the past several years, nearly every major lighting and controls manufacturer has launched a Networked Lighting Control (NLC) system featuring a simplified smart device app based programming or fine-tuning tool. NLC systems are proliferating in the new construction and major renovation markets. However, they have failed to gain similar traction in the existing buildings (design-build/retrofit) market segment.

Correspondingly, utility programs across the country recognize that NLC systems offer significant savings potential, and many provide generous incentives to support market uptake via their C&I existing building lighting programs. Specific to the Pacific Northwest (PNW), many utilities have also invested in the development and delivery of education and publicly available tools and resources.

Despite product availability, incentives from utilities, training, and a host of non-energy related benefits, NLC systems are not being adopted and installed in the existing buildings market as expected. This conclusion is supported by PNW utilities’ NLC measure activity for their existing buildings lighting programs.

In 2019, LDL identified the NLC user experience as a key obstacle to market acceptance.

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NLC Configuration Tool Findings