Have you ever been involved in a project where the new LED fixtures have been value engineered out and replaced by retrofit kits, TLEDs, fluorescent technology, or disregarded from the project altogether?

Has your Networked Lighting Control (NLC) system design been downscaled to a simple wallbox solution? 

All too often, new construction and renovation projects undergo value engineering which can lower up-front costs and make the project seem more approachable. Unfortunately, this practice frequently leads to overspending in post-installation support, not meeting stakeholder expectations, decreasing quality, and significant energy savings and non-energy benefits value being left on the table.

While industry actors have made significant investments in outreach, education, and incentive programs to promote appropriate design adoption, significant barriers still exist. This class will delve into these barriers as well as provide a set of tools, techniques, to help Lighting Practitioners ensure the most appropriate design highlighting quality and comfort is implemented in their projects. These tools and techniques will include:

  • Lighting Audit
  • Efficient Financial Statements
  • Energy and non-Energy Benefits
  • Qualifying Questions
  • Use Cases
  • Design Options with Estimates
  • Elevator Sales Pitch

Who Should Attend
This workshop is suitable for lighting practitioners, including designers, contractors, building operators, architects, engineers, sales representatives, as well as utility staff.

Learning Goals

  • Evaluate “good, better, best” approaches, and how to navigate between them
  • Analyze energy savings and non-energy technological value that LEDs and NLCs can provide
  • Understand techniques, tools, and resources on how to advance energy efficiency projects
  • Explore use cases that highlight overspending resources post-completion, and how appropriate design execution mitigates this risk



Armando Berdiel, M.Eng, LC

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