LDL & LRC Study Parking Lot Lighting With Controls

Release Date: 
May 28, 2020 - 13:15
Back in 2019, the LDL partnered with Lighting Research Center (LRC) to conduct a study, sponsored by Bonneville Power Administration, of sensor-controlled lighting for parking lots. The study focused on LED lighting controlled with motion detectors mounted on the poles. LRI hoped to determine which settings would result in the most energy savings but also give a sense of security to the people that interact with them.
LDL helped LRC set up in a parking lot at Rainier Community Center in Seattle and divided the lot into 3 sections. Each section had the same LED lights, but a different control setting. Community Center users were polled as they used the building's entrances, while other groups of people were led around the site after dark to get their reactions to the various settings. Energy usage data was recorded and compiled as well.
LRC released their report with results of the study and recommendations for sensor-controlled, bi-level lighting for parking lots in issue 11 of their Delta Snapshots.