NOTE: List has been discontinued. However, the List will remain on this page & searchable until July 31, 2018.
On July 31, 2018 this page will be deleted.

The list will be searchable until its final removal on July 31, 2018.
Please keep in mind, the number of products listed will become less throughout the sunsetting process.
Expired products will be removed. No new products will be added.

For more information, please refer to the detailed information found HERE.

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1. LDL Lamp & Tube List Updated 05/31/2018

2. LDL Fixture List Updated 05/31/2018

If you're looking for a particular product and it is not listed with LDL, please check the ENERGY STAR Lamps (Bulbs), ENERGY STAR Fixtures or DesignLights Consortium® list.
Also, check out LED Lighting Facts' new Troubleshooting Guide for Submissions HERE.