This webinar will cover the basics of an SEM program and what it can do for your organizations efforts to reduce energy use and energy-related emissions. 

The main goal of SEM is to help organizations achieve continuous improvement in energy performance over a longer-term period. 

SEM is a set of practices and principles that creates the foundation for long-term, continuous energy performance improvement. It involves securing top-level management buy-in, forming an energy team, setting energy-related goals, identifying and implementing energy management opportunities, monitoring and verifying energy savings, and creating organizational change. 

This model is currently deployed through the Clean Building Accelerator programs offered by the City of Seattle and regional utilities such as Puget Sound Energy, Tacoma Power and Snohomish County PUD. 

Through real-world case studies and expert insights, participants will learn:  

  • The Fundamentals of SEM: An overview of the SEM concepts, its significance in today's energy landscape, and its role in driving sustainable operational performance.  
  • Data-driven Decision-Making: Understand the importance of data in SEM and how it can be used to track energy savings, validate actions, and optimize energy consumption patterns.  
  • Practical Implementation: Learn from experts about the best practices, challenges, and solutions in implementing SEM in various types of facilities.  
  • GHG Reduction Techniques: Delve into targeted strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with decreased fossil fuel use and how SEM plays a pivotal role in this. 


  • Building Owners 
  • Building Management 
  • Facilities and Operations  
  • Building complexes and Campuses 
  • Large Energy Users 
  • Controls Providers 
  • Energy Consultants 
  • Anyone who is interested and wants to learn. 

Presented by Chad Gilless | Principal, Stillwater Energy; Chair of US Technical Committee 301 (50001)
as well as representatives from Seattle City Light and Puget Sound Energy