The adoption of LED technology can be attributed with the majority of the efficiency savings applicable in Lighting projects for both the retrofit and new construction markets. The addition of networked lighting controls (NLC) to these projects thus has such diminishing returns that it is not economically attractive to highlight “energy savings” to the NLC Value Proposition. The real opportunity brought forth by NLC systems revolve around reducing maintenance efforts, increasing productivity, and serving as the infrastructure to concepts such as Space Utilization, Asset Tracking, Horticultural Lighting and Automation, LiFi, Tunable White or Circadian Lighting, integration to the Smart Building Ecosystem, and a plethora of IoT applications. This value proposition is forward looking and is not adopted as a mainstream plan of action – how do we get there? In this webinar we will discuss some of these non-energy benefits, how to get a foot in the door, and how to navigate the conversation with different types of stakeholders with diverse agendas.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand major benefits for maintenance, implementation, productivity
  • Be able to articulate major emerging technology benefits NLC systems serve as infrastructure for
  • Identify the main NLC stakeholder types, what is important to each, and how to navigate the conversation
  • Learn tips, tricks, and leverage tools to introduce the NLC value proposition and optimize how its presented