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This course explores the composition, operation, and application of heat pumps in building settings. Specifically, this course will examine the evolution and versatility of heat pump technology in domestic hot water and HVAC applications, successful implementation examples, and essential lessons learned. Furthermore, learners will explore the value of heat pumps, including decarbonization, energy efficiency, and grid stability opportunities.

Audience: Engineers, architects, designers, building owners/managers, and maintenance personnel.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the history of heat pumps and their versatility in building applications
  • Explore the components, operation, and system configurations of heat pumps
  • Analyze efficiency opportunities, grid impact, and the value proposition of heat pumps
  • Review applicable codes/policies and the market landscape


Lester TerranceLester Terrance, HVAC/R | D+R International

Lester Terrance has been active in the HVAC industry since 2003, including 12 years in the United State Air Force, seven of those years serving as HVAC Field Supervisor at the US Department of State.  He is a licensed Master HVAC in the states of Maryland and Virginia, an EPA Certified Universal Technician, and an Authorized Overseas Certified Technician (Multistack).  Lester is an HVAC Instructor and subject matter expert at D+R LEARN.


Lester TerranceKristy Podelnyk, Instructional Design Team Lead | D+R International

Lead of D+R International’s LEARN instructional design team, Ms. Podelnyk works closely with industry experts to develop usable curriculum and content for emergent technologies. Using dynamic digital learning tools and platforms, she designs, builds, and delivers premier workforce education. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Ms. Podelnyk has an extensive background in education, including, but not limited to: curriculum development, instructional strategy, assessment, PBL, and differentiated learning. She is a Nationally Board-Certified teacher (NBPTS) with a Masters in Teaching and a background in molecular plant sciences. Ms. Podelnyk held leadership positions in several projects, including the BPA/AWHI funded Commercial Heat Pump Water Heating project, LADWP’s workforce training and SDGE’s launch of CHWPH systems online learning initiative.