A microgrid is a small-scale power grid with a generation and storage component that can operate independently or be integrated into a city or larger grid. Microgrids are becoming an emerging solution for resiliency, load shifting & efficiency, net metering benefits, integrating renewable generation, and can help utilities defer distribution upgrades.

The WA State Department of Commerce awarded a grant to Seattle City Light (partnering with Seattle Parks and Recreation) to implement a microgrid project at Miller Community Center in Capitol Hill. The project included the installation of a battery energy storage system, solar panels and microgrid controls. Join us in this special presentation by City Light’s Armando Berdiel and Kincheiu Wei from the Electrification and Strategic Technologies division (EST) as we walk the audience through the microgrid story, current and future plans, and benefits as well as the community value of City Light's first Microgrid!

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the thought process and challenges to implementing microgrids
  • Identify the key components that comprise a microgrid.
  • Explore benefits for tenants and community members
  • Understand use cases, benefits to the utility, and future plans


Kincheiu WeiKincheiu Wei, PE | Principal Engineer, Seattle City Light

Kincheiu Wei is a Principal Engineer at Seattle City Light in the Electrification and Strategy Technology Division. He has 17 years of experience in the power industry and has held managerial and technical positions at utilities and engineering services companies. His background spans power generation, transmission and distribution, technology planning, and grid modernization. Kincheiu holds a BESS from the Seattle University and a MSEE from the University of Washington.

Armando BerdielArmando Berdiel, M.Eng, LC | Technical Development & Project Manager, Seattle City Light

Armando Berdiel is the Technical Development and Project Manager for the Building Electrification team at Seattle City Light. Previously working on promoting efficiency lighting projects through education and awareness, he is focusing now on identifying electrification emerging technology and best practices to develop and deliver on the team's training curriculum as well as formalizing relationships with industry actors. Additionally, Armando plans in-person or virtual demonstrations, develops technical resources, conducts research, and catalyzes market transformation by engaging and converging trade allies, design allies, and end users.