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Attendees will learn about adjustable speed drives and their practical/ proven energy and efficiency applications. This course examines the evolution and application of adjustable speed drive technology, manual/automated control strategies, and the short/long term benefits on energy savings and equipment. Furthermore, this course dives deep into the electrical principles of adjustable speed drives, common issues, the value of preventative maintenance, common troubleshooting solutions, and investigates real world success stories.

Audience: Engineers, technicians, facility managers, and maintenance professionals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the evolution and value of adjustable speed drives in commercial buildings
  • Identify the types of adjustable speed drives and how they work
  • Review strategies to control and monitor adjustable speed drives
  • Examine the electric principles and language of adjustable speed drives
  • Address common issues, preventative maintenance, programming, and practical troubleshooting solutions
  • Investigate real world case studies featuring adjustable speed drive retrofits


DJ smile.pngLester Terrance, HVAC/R | D+R International

Lester Terrance has been active in the HVAC industry since 2003, including 12 years in the United State Air Force, seven of those years serving as HVAC Field Supervisor at the US Department of State.  He is a licensed Master HVAC in the states of Maryland and Virginia, an EPA Certified Universal Technician, and an Authorized Overseas Certified Technician (Multistack).  Lester is an HVAC Instructor and subject matter expert at D+R LEARN.