The May 30th webinar will cover the water heating provisions of the 2021 Seattle and Washington state energy codes for commercial and multifamily buildings, highlighting requirements that are new to this year’s code and the differences between the Seattle and state codes. Discussion topics will include circulation controls, additional pipe and tank insulation, and new state fixture flow rates, but will focus primarily on new Seattle requirements for heap pump water heating. Duane Jonlin, FAIA, will explain the code requirements, while special guests Jonathan Heller and Colin Grist of Ecotope will discuss high-performance water heating technology options, based on a number of successful installations. Q&A time to follow.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will learn to

  1. Reduce energy use and carbon emissions by optimizing water heating systems
  2. Design code-compliant water heating systems
  3. Select technology appropriate for the size and type of building
  4. Reduce hot water circulation losses and pumping energy
  5. Plan for heat pump water heating space requirements