This 2-hour webinar on June 6th will summarize the “alterations” requirements of the Seattle and Washington state energy codes and offer suggestions for potential design solutions. It will provide an overview of the alterations provisions of Chapter 5, with a special focus on replacing existing gas or electric resistance space heating and water heating systems with heat pump systems. Alterations to envelope, lighting, electrical, metering, and HVAC systems will also be covered, as well as Seattle’s “substantial alterations” rules. The webinar will conclude with a substantial Q&A period for discussion of specific applications. 

Learning objectives:

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be able to

  1. Locate and understand the energy code requirements applicable to common types of alteration projects. 
  2. Determine the scope of work required by the alteration requirements of the energy code. 
  3. Understand the space requirements and system impacts of heat pump installations. 
  4. Understand the thresholds for permit application requirements and “substantial alterations.”