Though the 179D program has been written into the tax code since 2005, numerous updates have been made in recent years, expanding the program, those who can benefit from it, and increasing the benefit for those who participate. This session will cover the 179D Commercial Energy Efficiency Deduction, changes from the Inflation Reduction Act, how to qualify & how to calculate these tax deductions.   

What will be learned

  • 179D Explained 
  • Inflation Reduction Act Changes 
  • Retrofit Program 
  • Qualification Requirements 
  • Calculation Methods 
  • Case Studies 
  • Time for Q&A 

Resource links

Suggested Audience

  • Architects & MEP Engineers 
  • Building Automation Companies 
  • Commercial Building Owners (public & private) 
  • Private & Public Schools; K-12 + Higher Education 
  • Local, State & Federal Governments 
  • Not-for-profits 
  • Charitable Organizations 
  • Churches & Religious Organizations 
  • Private Schools & Universities 
  • Private Foundations 
  • Political Organizations 
  • Tribal Governments 
  • Anyone who wants to learn.