312 Color Tuning & Tunable White Lighting Systems: A How-To Survival Guide

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led by Shaun Darragh

Color tunable lighting systems are becoming ever more popular with clients, specifiers, and manufacturers. This class will introduce participants to a variety of control strategies for implementing color tuning systems and provide some tips and tricks to help ensure project success. This class is the second half of a paired set. The complementary class is 311 Light, Human Perception, and Health.  The two classes essentially function as the Why and the How with respect to tunable lighting systems.

If we consider how spreadsheets catalyzed the adoption of personal computers; color tuning will be that feature to further catalyze the adoption of Networked Lighting Controls (NLCs). This class will be devoted strictly to the various methods and practices of implementing color tuning systems (HOW) without dedicating any time to the visual and physiological aspects of light and lighting (WHY. The WHY will be covered in the 311 class).

Tunable systems are presently becoming very popular with lighting manufacturers and specifiers, although implementation is still challenging, particularly with respect to retrofit applications. In this class, will discuss and demonstrate various approaches manufacturers are taking to implementing color tuning, circadian rhythm, and other flexible and dynamic ways NLCs can control color temperature and intensity. We will have various systems as technology examples you can interact with to best understand how the principles are being applied in the field.   

Learning Goals

At the end of the class, participants will:

  • Understand the more relevant standards that point to practical implementation of color tuning systems
  • Understand how NLCs control most variables with respect to the physiological issues
  • Interaction with practical examples using daylight, electric light, and NLCs

Locations & Times

  • SEATTLE  Thu, Apr 9 | 1PM - 5PM @ Lighting Design Lab 



This series has concluded. Look for more classes soon.