201 Effective Office Lighting

led by Eric Strandberg

In today's marketplace, the lighting for an office has: A) never been easier, and B) never been more challenging. There is a myriad of new and exciting tools that are available to the lighting industry, from new luminaire form factors and optical systems, to lighting quality control that has never been available before. This plethora of choices can be daunting, but it is also an opportunity. Layer onto this the ever more stringent code demands, and the lighting process can get complicated.

This class will take the fundamental design principles, and help you apply the new tools to achieve a successful design.

Learning Goals

  • Understanding the unique needs of various office environments
  • How to evaluate the various lighting and control systems appropriate for offices
  • What the code allows and how to apply it to offices
  • How to minimize energy use to achieve aggressive energy saving goals.

Locations & Times:

  • SEATTLE Wed, Feb 27 | 10am-12pm @ Lighting Design Lab
  • EVERETT Wed, Mar 6 | 10am-12pm @ SnoPUD’s Everett Training Center


This series has concluded. Look for more classes soon.