Fall 2015 Classes SOLD OUT!

Advance your technology knowhow with real-life examples and perspectives that could change how you manage your lighting projects. Our courses are self-reporting. You will receive a letter of completion after each session for submitting to your certifying organization(s). See you in class!

Fall 2015 Series


Morning Class   10 a.m. - Noon

CFL and HID Fixtures. LED Retrofit or Replace
Instructor: Eric Strandberg, LC

LED technology continues to penetrate every type of lighting application. Upgrading existing compact fluorescent (CFL) and high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures show promise, but has a number of pitfalls that must be addressed if projects are to be successful. In this Intermediate Level class, we will look at some of the basic challenges and apply them in a workshop setting to allow for the free flow of ideas and to show that not all situations can be solved with just one solution.

Lunch included with registration

Afternoon Class  1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Design Strategies for Existing Buildings
Instructor: Megan Strawn, LC

There are many reasons for updating the lighting in an existing building: energy savings, reducing the maintenance cycle, or simply replacing fixtures that are at the end of their life. No matter the reason, it is an excellent opportunity to enhance the quality of the existing space, whether the project is a shopping mall, an office, or a parking garage. This Intermediate Level class will provide perspective on best lighting practices for existing buildings and how to evaluate the suitability of potential light fixture selections.


This series has concluded. Look for more classes soon.